About us

Evolve are on a mission to make hiring simple, fair and easy.

As any professional who’s changed jobs in the last 20 years knows, it’s equal parts stressful and exhausting. Once you’ve trawled through the various job sites and found a job you’re really excited about you know the chances of getting more than an automated response is slim.

We believe a big part of this is the information required to apply for a new role. The ‘experts’ recommend you tweak your CV for every role you apply for. This results in hours of work only to find you have to copy and paste your shiny new CV into an application form in step 2 of the application process. And don’t even try to do this on your mobile.

We want to do better for job seekers everywhere.
Evolve puts you in control of the job search process, you set the interview schedule and decide which companies get to interview you. Any interview requests will be made because your skills and personality traits match what employers are searching for.

Only once you accept an interview request will your personal details be revealed. This saves you time by eliminating irrelevant phone calls and emails with recruiters and endless Linkedin requests. This also means interview requests are made based on an alignment of skill requirements and culture.

After your interview companies will provide feedback on the skills displayed, further validating your profile for future opportunities. We believe that by focusing on skills and giving control of the process we can help professionals everywhere face their next job search with confidence.